the dark tunnel

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this time around, we all want to change lotta things but the situation and system of our society has handicapped and frustrated us.
One of my best quote is never to play with fire so you don’t get burnt.
Its like a wild goose chase but the people who we aspire to be never looked at the present position of their society.

They focused on their ‘inner self’ and kept moving on with their pregnant foetus till it gets matured for delivery.
If you believe, you will achieve; this is not about just words but you can make it on your own. Do we focus on the distractions we get everyday?
Or give up because the night looks so dark?
Are we going to be like this in the next 10 years?
All peeps telling you its not possible, do you love their present lifestyle?
Don’t mind cos information is power and they beer got this. Change yours and believe, what do you believe in?

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Hi, parents as we take our kids out for the celebration of their day today, I just want us to have a consciousness that we building a legacy for the future and I want us to really fondle them and also racket their future on a golden plate.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s when you were growing up, our parents then had struggled to take us to school against all odds to give us a legacy that have made us grown to who we are today. Their ability to acknowledge that the literacy level as at then was very poor and something needs to be done was high.

Knowing you have a problem is the first step to redemption but trying to solve it makes it half solved. Their passion had grown and has sustained them through the years of suffering fighting tooth and nail to give us a quality education so we can give back positively to our society.

Days after days, years after years, time has travelled and we are in another millennium. We found ourselves now growing up kids with the universe responsibility resting on our shoulder. A lot to ponder on but my focus today is the educational standard we are leaving for them?

If our grand and great grand parents could have acknowledge they had issues with the current situation of their country at that particular time. We now as parents should have a passion aside from making money, feeding the kids and sending them to school.  Are we really acknowledging we have problems at all even in the midst of all the recent happenings. What’s our legacy for our kids and grand children?

What’s parenthood if we can’t have successful people who can be proud of our legacy.

If the so-called educated ones could not curb the menace of indiscipline we’ve brandished corruption, then what will the generation of our children do when they don’t even want to attend school again and the get-rich-quick syndrome seems to be the only way out for them.

The only way a nation can ever develop is when it develops her human development but the reverse seems to be our case even in this nation’s trying time. Examination malpractice was once a taboo but this days parent even acknowledge their kids to practice it.

Kids aged 6 to 7 now jump fences from their school, secondary students now run a fashion show in schools with ego blaring at their principal and teachers. They soon want their university certificate and they require special centres to pass their entrance examination. Due to their wonderful admission with calls to different people, they pursue their certificate through their same old way of forming bond.

Education was actually designed to help shape the human mind to be able to cope with life’s challenges in our society but it seems awkward how we have turned it into an accumulation of getting qualifications for jobs.

Certificates are just a compliment of going to school but the real dividends of being educated is a developed mind which can think through problems and solve them.

There’s a time for every thing under the sun and parents are the first mentors kids rely on to guide through the paths of life. With mass failure increasing every year in certificates exams, it potends a great danger for the development and future of thenation.

As parents, we need to start fighting for old age so we don’t start running around for help with grey hair and weak bodies. If the so-called disciplined and educated persons cannot bring change to the nation, then what will the uneducated and ill-disciplined ones do?


We’ve all seen ourselves to blame for allowing a trend that does not fit into our dreams come into reality and the aspect that we wish not to do anything about it sickens. No one wants to work but they are ready to enjoy has killed our mentality that deceit has become the only hope we tell ourselves.

Year in year out from the past, we have sunk the well of mediocrity in the middle of our nation and the beneficiaries fight tooth and nail to get to this cursed well. They are now used to the criticism and smile but attend to the people’s plight when the votes are to be counted. Not that they really need the vote but they want it seem like the people voted.

Hopelessness on people’s face with no idea of what the future holds for them, their followership increases to help them carry out their atrocities. The age of amassing wealth is gone and the age of fulfillment is here to stay so when the former president resigned from the BOT Chairman, a lot should think of what he faces on his bed these days, regrets or fulfillment.

It’s always good to judge politicians though politics is an art they still learn its intrigues and dirty work everyday. Our fathers seem to have passed through this pathway of complaining and burying their under the pillow. They wake up in the morning consoling the child, its going to get better. Now its time to build on their legacy and we seem to still walk on the gully road.

Let’s not get too comfortable on the politics part of fighting fools who ride in the Aircon with a lot nursing an idea to join them. The lack of money is the root of evil in the society but the covetousness makes the tree grow bigger.  They keep recruiting everyday though no one supports it in the public, seems like conscience has been a thing of the past as the days changes.

The implication for the nation might be fatal if we all decide to become undisciplined because of our poverty-stricken-mentality. In a time where the world has turned business into developing nature, we are still in the age of amassing wealth. When the past generation was lazy about building the nation, it has caught up with the children and they can’t boast of enough GDP that will stand even on the African ranking.

Their kids have grown up to feed on their remains but if the competition gets more slim at the top, a wild wild west loom for the next generation. The education standard has gone down drastically with kids running away from school and the grown up are involved in cyber crime. What would happen if the government revenue can’t feed the families enjoying their benefit which is already happening even in the zoning of our presidency?

As citizens who can’t leave their country, we need to start looking inward into ourselves on how we can develop ourselves when the clear picture show the government is un-interested in her citizens when they say on media is empty promises with an assuring face. Everyone might be making it on your face but it does not mean you will make it the way they made it, discover yourself.

When we become the human treasury of Nigeria, then we will control her politics. Unless we discover our passion, we can’t make a real statement to politicians in the affair of Nigeria. Imagine a Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga or Ovia saying they are shunning corruption and tell me a president who will shut them out.

We need to learn how to develop it in the face of unfavorable conditions because we can’t make success on a cheap pedestal. Now is the time, we need more entrepreneurs to come up rather than this complains which empower politicians to loot while they give us crumbles. This might be the time of Wole Soyinka compelling the government but Baba Awo has created a bridge for us.


“Listen, you idiots–learn good sense! You blockheads–shape up! – (Prov 8:5 Msg)


Some things are invisible but worth its weight in diamonds, even much more, worth more than rubies. Some things make a man worthy in character and learning – far beyond a well designed embossed paper with a university logo. It sets a man out and places him before kings and enables him stand beyond mere men.


The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge- that places character in a man; but simpletons will wallow in ignorance and are rejected as priests because they have rejected knowledge. The will seek but not find because they hate knowledge.

It is important that we cry for insight and lift our voice for understanding because the LORD gives skilful wisdom; from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding; Knowledge of the sacred and secular, philosophy and arts, commerce and economy, the whole syllabus not “the area of concentration”, that our lips would keep knowledge.


Our stay in school must go beyond the search for good certificates and some “shortcut” results; it’s an opportunity to seek knowledge; what we must seek rather than choice gold. Wise men store up knowledge but the mouth of the foolish is present destruction. Knowledge is not only necessary to get a job with good pay- like “connection” would but knowledge to help you light your world and salt your earth.


Learn the way you are designed to, for some it is with consistent and repeated reading, some others they prefer discussions. Some prefer taking written notes, others use mind mapping and drawings while for some is a mixture of codes, poems and music, the point is get knowledge.


Beyond the “gnosis” get the “epignosis”- do some practical work, apply your knowledge. Get to work for free if necessary just to apply your knowledge, it sticks more that way. Look for applications in television broadcasts, talk-shows and documentaries; try out “the money show” on AIT for economics, discovery channels and history channels. Choose the right movies, those that pass realistic knowledge along with entertainment; dump them if they don’t, even if they claim to be “Christian movies”. The internet is beyond Facebook, google up some knowledge and blog with the best.


Get it in your head – some things are principal but scarce. Talk with intelligent people on intelligent issues, drink from the beautiful chalice of knowledge. Perspective words spread knowledge but fools are hollow. An intelligent person is eager to take more truth in the fear of God. Listen for fresh insights. Finally, be prudent with your knowledge among “arguing but ignorant people”- at best, you’ll be irritated and they’ll do no better.

Even if you live in a society like ours that’s discouraging you from being wise, you have got to learn how to acquire the right information. There’s never a plea for ignorance in the court of law or even life. The more crucial decisions you make everyday will determine your foundation and how you survive in this windy world that flies away in seconds.

Inspired by Uncle Sam

Monitoring and seeing reaction of fans with news emanating from the Mo’hits record crew and though we might all be surprised at the time it came out, I had seen the handwriting on the wall since last year. We all need to know how to make our business have the professional look rather than the family/ friend circle business we run that can’t last a decade but just out to fill our pockets and feed our mouth before it passes away like the wind.

We all loved, adored and cherish them so much that their followership is second to none, they created a class different from the others, so anywhere you see one saying the ‘koko’ and the other crooner under with a babyish voice. In their videos, the question keeps popping about what’s being whispered every time before they move on.

It’s always Don Jazzy Again (IDJA) and the shout I’m D’banj at the beginning of their song. They’ve been able to partner a big brand from inception to a global brand but it still balls down to our emotional attitude of not doing the paper works in a professional manner. It’s okay to want to make it big and make the money but you need to consider the other side if it happens.

Famzing is always good but make sure you don’t lose your head for it because the biggest story last year for the music industry has turned sour. Though a lot has followed suit this year with a lot of cash moving around, it’s good for them but won’t be okay for us to lose our originality and what keeps us together to foreigners.

Being hungry for success makes life fun and wakes us up in the morning but a clearer vision will guide us to the mission we hold on to. Unless we know our consumer’s need, we would always accept anything once we get what we wished for and the cards in our hands becomes useless.

You cant have two captains in a ship, one would have overthrow the other so when d’banj was signed to G.O.O.D music last year, my fears rose a little but with Don Jazzy producing a JayZ song that made Blueprint 3 album. I was thinking of the good sides and many expected what the first song would sound like. It was getting cold for the fans and here comes Oliver twist, the streets went gaga as the album becomes anticipated on their music player.

Every thing seems cool until the ocean tide came rushing with rumors that they have a strained relationship. Instead of fizzling out, the image got stronger by the seconds until IDJA confirmed it on twitter. From Mobolowowon to Oliver twist, what a journey for D’banj with a lot of endorsement but he’s travelled abroad to actually make us proud.

Many had argued about the content of the contract signed with GOOD music, who gains more? D’banj or Donjazzy. If mo’hits was ever going to survive this scare, what do you think?

Eminem and Dr. Dre are still together with Dre producing for him because they discovered their compatibility. I doubt if D’banj would be able to cope with a new production with the change in environment and fans.

There are still 4-5 artists signed on mo’hits record so it only means Don Jazzy has to show his talents and make his brand known. Just like Timbaland and the Magoos, he still produced hits for popular artist till this day. He still make his money and produces good songs, so lets wish the Don more ideas and bury the hatchet between this two. The fans may want more revelations but success is all that’s paramount at the end.

For the future, so no artist can leave a record label when he wants its better to have a proper document signed and every one knows his own part of the contract. Wishing both D’banj and IDJA success on their new journey of life. Osheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

The fruits a tree bear shows if it’s really good or bad though we all know the antecedents of our President from his deputy governor days to the death of his oga. On his death bed, a lot of controversy rose and Nigerians got their own wish of the ‘Abuja Conspiracy’. They seem far away yet their benefactor seems to be the man behind the new fresh air they breathing.

Only princes are heir to the throne but when the politics of the ruling party is run by the ex-president than the wishes of the people. Then the worst might be expected from the ruling circle and the people bear their sweet fury. Opportunity knocks but once unless it’s seized, their helper might regret the favor. Power may be given but if the leadership traits are lacking, and then it becomes mediocrity.

“Minds against heart, personalities against people, wishes against needs, boundaries against capital, emotions against reality, rich against poor and ultimately LEADERS AGAINST PEOPLE, Where do we go from here?”

We seem to wake up from our slumber but the government deep sleep soon fall on us that we get too much comfort from the partial sight of our society. The leaders have neglected the followers, the elderly ones have neglected the younger generation with the youths wandering around for a solution though they don’t want to be tough.

Life’s hard but becoming soft brings more hard-knock lessons when we can get creative with the stones it throws which can make us the ultimate legend of our generation. Too much noise with no action kills and a past legend like Baba Awo has said ‘we would eventually fight for ourselves’. Against WHAT, WHEN and HOW but the real is WHICH STRATEGY MUST BE ADOPTED?

Gone are the days of 30,000,000 people with secondary school certificate accepted for employment. The graduates are no longer getting their desired job with the entitled to standard of living declining. The 21st century is here and we are caught in her trance as a nation and don’t know if we can let go of the ACCOMODATION, FEEDING, TRAVELLING, WARDROBE ALLOWANCES when there still a bad road that leads to their origin.

Our reference point can be taken from the ‘Occupy Nigeria’ protest which the older generation has confessed can change a lot. Hijacked by politicians with nobody to champion this new course, facts should be gotten with real business on the table so we don’t protest like the times of our father’s 3-days and the NLC negotiates with Ghana-must-go bags exchanging hands yet the people go back to a more darker and evil days. Is there a way around strike?

Reports have been dogged out but the dumpsite gets bigger with the vultures discovering more places to scavenge. Nigerians need to reject this fresh air to build a new future like the revolution of the Berlin wall and get a watch if their president can still tell them the right time.

We’ve been denied a lot but our parents have suffered to give us a good education which we must reciprocate by changing the trend they left. The patience we’ve had as a cultured generation has been turned into stupidity if a president can tell the whole world that the situation in Nigeria has only been exaggerated. Another Adolf Hitler has grown in the next street and acting ignorantly from the truth seems to be his only way out. It might still seem good with the countenance of his face but the still rage inside is destroying generations.

Blame it on prejudice but when a bad dream repeats itself, there’s more to the picture than the camera shutter. We can blame BBC but do we like what we see on our streets? Our leaders have turned the trust we have in them to build their empire. A responsible generation fights for her generation and we can’t just smile when #1.3 trillion is looted from the treasury of the nation. Mr. President comes out sheepishly again saying ‘I will work on the report’ when he’s praying for unity in his party. Someone should tell him his strategy is not working again. No one needs to work on that report than the people of Nigeria, Bye.



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Slowly the stars begin to show in the sky and the mother of all derbies would come alive again at the Camp Nou. Most anticipated for its hype, suspense, intrigues, politics and the stakes involved. For over 2 hours, they conquer the world making human bring out their true self.


Prepare for immortatility, the good legs are ready to dance at the party and this is football, anything can happen. Back in the days, football is watched to relax but today it’s become a religion that’s gained more followership than the Pope.

The players straighten out from the tunnel, the heartbeat of millions increases round the world and the underlying emotions and rivalry blows the referee’s whistle at the centre circle. The ball is passed and nothing can stop the kicks and shouts from the stands.

Barcelona represents the Catalans who proposed a complete independent state from Spain while Madrid comes from Castile; the former kingdom that became part of Spain. They both grew to become the two most successful, decorated and influential club in the country. Now Ego and power has transcended unto the pitch determining her tradition, politics,business.

It might look like the white witches have taken this league under the ‘special one’ but the Catalans have more than enough to play for. Aside from reducing the points, they sure cannot allow the tradition they’ve enjoyed in recent years to go blank. Karim Benzema scored the fastest goal at 22 seconds but their form this week in Europe would be something they want to get back.

The fans want to catch every milli-second so no distractions will be tolerated and suspense has created the mad attention football has gotten. Success is not final neither is failure fatal so moving on is always an option. The only lesson for both of them this week is that ‘Trust is an overrated gamble, so bet small’  as you watch the #april21 el-classico.

Mourinho has his bottle necked Ronaldo and the game raisers but they will have to contend with Messi and the game builders. Who breaks the ice first becomes the most unpredictable question of all time this weekend? Tradition might be a thread but the person who exhibits the most virtue and understands the best technique wins the match. This is not a game of luck, cause and effect drives success.

Motivation talk at half time isn’t necessary when you winning so expect all fury from the first second. A game of relaxation has become what makes history and shapes the society.  At this level of spotlight, you need creativity of the next level to bring the desired success. Who’s on the cheer leader’s team after 90 minutes?

Everyone has ego and don’t be deceived because lots will be on the pitch and when they clash, the fuel only increases the fire of fury between the managers, players, fans and clubs. They light the pitch and set the fire blazing, this is more than the goals and dribbles, it’s about PRIDE, POWER, TRADITION, RESPECT AND GLORY.

Coming back to our shores, we could feel their energy on how they’ve brandished their nation and transcended their passion into us that we follow them every second. The only thing that’s kept them is the love for their country even in times of trouble. We might neglect what’s ours but it only means we’ve neglected our lives and focused on that of others while we played to gallery on our future.

We brood at night while we celebrate during the day acting as if our worries have vanished and we depend on every distraction to blind ourselves. The government officials are happy because they’ve trained themselves with a thick skin, the more we complain, the more they loot.

Let’s all together convert the passion we see in the match into our country and give our all to the nation for a better life. Who do you think will win THE DERBY OF SHAME, predictions please?

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One would actually say James Ibori is one of the devils in Nigeria who never continued on his success. He was intelligent, wealthy and cruel on his way to the top but when sunshine came upon him, the darkness started. On completing the normal tenure of governors (8 years), he had accumulated enough wealth that you wonder if his next generation should ever bother of education.

Tying his last knots with corruption he was faced with opposition because he wouldn’t comply with the powers to be anymore. Join them or be beaten, he was unleashed to their dogs that they pursued him to his last escape route so he balled out.

Life as an ex-convict seems to haunt him from his past and he was extradited to the UK for trial, little did he know that if he had endured the heat in the kitchen a little, the sweat wouldn’t have drenched his shirt. When his trial started alongside his wife who later confessed he is a devil due to the revelations exposed. What do you do in the middle of the Atlantic, swim to shore or keep swimming?

Little wonder why our grey haired men in our courts seem not to be able to give judgments to his contemporaries while Ibori’s case was dragged for over three years. The big man finally pleaded ‘guilty’ for the sake of his nation when ironically he had successfully disgraced himself.

Moving forward is an option for us while some decide to go south, some repent. So is the largest black African nation safe from corrupt leaders? They have become an endemic disease which increases its body cells in the Nigerian System. His contemporaries in the Eastern, Western and Northern region are now enjoying their gratuities in the western world, taxed everyday to develop their system while their disciples cover up their footprints.

In our context, he seems to be the foolish while the wise ones are celebrated on our streets like Mandela. The portrait is white but the black water shed has covered it up, we need a mighty shower not a raindrop. We need a crusade of converted souls not just a soul converted to the prisons for a national development. I just feel we have an act in all this, its not just every day wishing with the change trickling down from the tap, when will the bucket be full?

Thinking about the future and wishing for change, I want to believe we can all begin to express our intentions very well by doing the right things. The system seems to be controlled by a party in the public sector which has been detrimental to our growth. Gone are those days when people neglect the politics of their nation for business when policies against the business are being implemented everyday.

It’s all healthy for us to get involved and be present in every affair of the nation not to reduce our suffering because that only reduces it every four years while our facilities keep deteriorating. Other countries keep developing on because its citizens have a sense of urgency for their nation.

Let’s begin to develop our business no matter the hurdle we face so when they bring peanuts to us, we can confidently reject their offer when there is a better one for who wants to serve. Unless our politics gets sanitized then can our country become healthy and our business develop to international standard? We can become proud of an increasing GDP that does not come from crude oil.

Was Ibori on a spell for leaving the country or his wisdom turned foolishness like God said about our enemies. Yes, maybe our prayer is working for the country and we should keep on so we would see more of them making the same. GOD BLESS NIGERIA, GOD bless YOU, When will our Old and young barristers learn how to run a successful case.

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Many in this part of the world say they don’t like money but their attitude shows they worship the paper more than their God. It would be okay for us to acknowledge that we want to fulfill our needs rather than the fake feelings we show.

In recent years, the CBN governors have helped our economy in a little way while they’ve been interested in governance and cheap publicity. Instead of being holed up in their office thinking of positive economic reforms rather than all this patch-the-hole approach. Seems the poverty mindset has affected the office and they prefer to neglect their responsibilities.


Money is freedom so it’s the amount of freedom we enjoy that brings enough money to the table. The rich have a small circle where they devise ways of making money in their ‘spare time’. The paper is only a legal tender to run transactions and the deals we sign determines how long it will stay with us.

Making the cheddar depend on your relationship level in the societal chain depend if you at the bottom, middle or at the top. Traditional education and job security are the last thread of the industrial age, their time is over so it’s essential if we can look inward into Ourselves. How you can fit well into the society determine your relevance and freedom. ‘When you strife for perfection, your reputation becomes spotless’

This is the age of working smart with your head and not working hard with your hands alone. The finance minister might ignore the debt pile but the CBN governor has aggravated our plight. Warren Buffet earlier this year when discussing about banks passed his comment which was confirmed a week later by Financial times that ‘the movement of money from one bank to another will only crash the economy’

The Apex Bank keeps bringing policies but they’ve never implemented policies that would put them on their toes. Continuous marginalization has turned a repetition with bankers loosing their jobs and more customers looking out their account balance. The doubting thomas have withdrawn their account to deposit in ‘another trustworthy bank’. Moving money from bank to bank only complicates the growth of our GDP and economic growth in the international market.

In times like this, the best thing to do is investing rather than spending though saving might look bitter if we have enough deposit depreciating in our account. Let’s start discovering those things we can use in do rather than saving. For some of us who love to have something beside, it will be better to invest on those little things we can convert to bigger things and can fetch cool money when needed.

Squared pegs in round holes, introducing cashless policy might seem progress for the Apex bank with their own brandishing. For them to hide the negative effects of it on our economy, they gave it enough publicity and put in our faces the little positive side. Gradually, they keep driving the train of Capitalism into our borders. How the citizens will survive becomes the REAL DEAL THE GEJ GOVERNMENT WILL NEVER PROVIDE?

IDJA confirmed the rumors of the break-up with his former bestie, partner and the koko master. while D’banj was away announcing of the recent development. Not like I was surprised with what we are all seeing now, I winked at the people when I heard of the G.O.O.D music deal with the duo when the details undisclosed. Many had gone to the streets celebrating Nigerian music going international finally but little was known about the scenes behind the deal.

Through the tunnel last year, also came through from the Mo’hits crew of a possible break out of Wande coal which was later refuted with two singles dropped December titled ‘BEEN LONG YOU SAW ME’ with lyrics saying he’s been on tour and making some money, Don’t believe in stories, some say I want to leave mo’hits and the chorus going ‘Won ku, won gbe, won daran, omo lo dun to yi’ Shout out to all the ladies, we still love you.

The romance never last long with Mo’hits with D’banj dropping Oliver and so much famzing with K. west before the water went under the bridge. Ever since then, many were expecting something mega from mo’hits but the Giga show was unfathomable. Only one thing could break friendship, money or women but it was the latter that caused this, so sad.

There’s still a mentality of colonialism in our blood that the only place we can make is travelling out into a land which system is already developed. Unless, you know the terrain, success can’t be guaranteed. Instead of thinking how to travel out with your product, think of ways to market it like Coca-Cola, they never stepped out of the drink they sell but stick with diversifying its market.

Today a lot of us still dream of travelling abroad but what can make us is building an ELEPHANT dream that we would break down into tit bits. A lot of people I know over there are not living the king-ship life we enjoy because they simply second citizens. Ask a lot what they do over there truly and they will tell you what they go through, you have a greater hope to make it because there are also advantages of NIGERIA’s under development, you just need to think, strategize and harness towards your customers creatively.

Looking back into some years ago when someone popped up on your T.V singing ‘Do you have the koko’ many wondered if this was a joke. Giving up seems easy at the start but coming back again with a video of mobolowo won, the whole nation received their first album and success became their briefcase making deals after album. What more do you want to see? Once you get to the TOP, you can only go higher or come down.

People move ON, Friends change location, relations distance themselves so also can our loved ones. How do we cope after they leave is all that matters. Feeling down but not out with who you are will help get yourself together. Focusing on the journey ahead, IDJA has Wande coal, D’prince, Dr. Sid, k-switch and also wish for a female artist, so why not? DON baba can still have more fun working with other artist and his with creativity under his sleeves.

When I see genius,  I see YOU because you haven’t seen the real KOKO yet in your life, I love when things happen in life like this, its like starting all over again on a clean slate with a brand name, its either you break or make it depending on your zeal for success. Break the standards, use ground rules rather than regretting.

Failure is an opportunity to begin again but being more intelligent keeps us going through life. Now that the duo has separated, we can begin to see where talent and hard work will take both gentlemen.

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